It's not every day you get to enjoy the delights of the deep sea, and when you have an entire food festival dedicated to it, the taste buds of the fish-starved go spiralling. Delhi's calibre to serve up a hardcore seafood menu is often undermined, and foodies happily settle for the tried and tested fish tikkas and prawn fries as the only choices available in this category. The ongoing seafood festival at My Way or The High Way, the lounge restaurant in Noida's Centre Stage Mall, is a step in that direction, debunking the myth that lobsters are cheaper in Goa, and seafood can only enjoyed by the seaside. Move over boring shrimp noodles and salt n' pepper prawns, for there is an entire world of exotic deep sea delights waiting to be devoured. Why not try out some scallops, lobsters, pomfret with chips or crab cakes? Seafood is refreshing, always light on the palate, not to mention stomach, but it can take more than just a palate to appreciate the nuances. With an audience divided between the staple 'butter chicken' and tandoori delicacies, how bright an idea is it to go ahead with a strictly seafood menu? Justifies owner of My Way or The High Way, Vikram Sharma who is an avid cook himself, "Contrary to popular belief, Delhi does have a lot of seafood, and what better time than winter to enjoy it. Seafood is always for a specific audience, and palates cannot change overnight, but the ones willing to experiment can enjoy scallops, lobsters, jumbo prawns, Basa, Sole, tuna and salmon cooked in Mediterranean style with an Indian bias."

The mouth-watering menu is sure to stir the fish lover in you as you take your pick from blanket wrapped fish fingers, seared scallops with eggplant chips and potatoes, steamed prawn salad with melon and bacon, crab cocktail, pan seared lobster on seafood rice, paprika fried shrimps, grilled jumbo prawns with risotto, whole fish with rosemary potatoes and white wine sauce, Lebanese grilled fish, mussels and squid tossed with spaghetti and what have you. The Indian influence in the menu is apparent from the inclusion of runaway favourites like Amritsari machchi, tandoori pomfret and tandoori prawns in the starters. You will love the sesame fried fish finger served with a white sauce made of vegetables and whipped cream. Even the blanket wrapped fish finger gives out a mild flavour when sampled with salsa sauce. Though, the grilled jumbo prawns with risotto could have been better both for its seafood lenience and use of spices. Tuna lovers should not miss out the juicy 'tuna with garlic Aoli'; the vegetables tossed up with this preparation add pungency to the otherwise bland tuna. The pan grilled salmon also merits a mention for its creative fusion with herb potatoes and garlic butter. There are many more Restaurants in Dwarkawhich are also providing the good sea food. Executive chef Deepak Dhanvariya of My Way or The High Way doles out a few handy tips on preparing seafood at home.

- Hygiene is paramount in seafood
- Steer clear if you have a tendency to get an allergy
- Never blend milk or cream with seafood
- Never overcook as the fish pieces can easily disintegrate
- Rely on taste not authenticity

...and you are good to turn into a seafood lover...forever!

Where: My Way or The High Way, Centre Stage Mall, Sector 18, Noida
When: 1 to 18 December 2011

Source “toi”