Congratulations! You finished writing your first book. You know it’s great, but how do you get the word out to the public? The world of book promotion can seem overwhelming when you’re facing it alone, but there is help out there. Self-publishing is getting easier, and thus there are many books floating around both online and in print. It might seem impossible to stand out from your competition because of the sheer number of publications out there, but book marketing can be simple with the help of an experienced publicity team.

There are a few key steps to a successful book promotion campaign, but no two campaigns are alike. That is why the backing of a good promotions company is so important. The tactics used in your book promotion will vary slightly depending on the demographics of your target audience.

Self-published authors will have a difficult time getting the attention of national media with no public outreach. Blogs and local media are good places to start.

Blogs and websites can both be helpful for book promotion. A publicity company will oversee the whole process. With the right web content you can get international exposure before your book is even released.

Grassroots book marketing campaigns that start online can gain a lot of attention very quickly. Social media can be a goldmine for book marketing, but it takes the expertise of a great public relations firm to get an effective social media book promotion started.

Social media book marketing is important because it allows you to interact directly with your fans and get feedback from real people. This can be invaluable when considering how to proceed with book marketing.

Press releases can be crucial for book promotion. Publishing companies are always looking for the next big thing. Well-timed press releases that make it into the right hands can get your book picked up by a major publishing house. National book marketing campaigns as well as advances for further work can be had with the right promotions team behind you.

After your book is released, book signings and small events can get the attention of the local media. Reviews on local television, in literature magazines, and newspapers can translate into a significant amount of exposure.

Print and television are excellent ways to get the attention of the segment of the public that is not yet tech savvy. Many people still prefer good old fashion print books to the use of e-readers. If you’re a self-published author, book marketing online and off can give you an edge over your competition.

A good review is always what you hope for. No one wants their work to be disliked, but don’t underestimate the power of “bad” press both online and off. A lively debate started on one blog can translate into thousands of searches for your name and give your social media profiles tons of traffic! People love to talk about what they don’t like on the Internet, but for every person out there that’s not a fan, there’s someone that will be!

Stephanie A. is a freelance writer for Smith Publicity, a leading publicity agency with offices located internationally. To learn more about book promotion and book marketing for your publication, visit our website.