Like all businesses, the financial services industry has something to gain from social media. Most likely you have some kind of a presence on the web, but that does not mean you have tapped the well dry. Online use has surged in the past 2 decades as more and more people turn to it for both information and to communicate. Social media has been the latest addition to the category of resources available online. There is a plethora of social networking and media sites available ranging from youtube and flickr, to facebook and linked in. But what role do these kinds of forums play for a financial firm?

The answer, in short is a crucial one. Financial social media offer a unique venue to interact with clients, create an online presence and create a fluid dialogue between firm and client, something that has been rather difficult in the past. In the financial industry, social media can provide a way to raise visibility of your firm and improve customer loyalty.

Beyond those simple, but crucial improvements, financial social media can provide a way for you to reach your clients through special newsletters and blogs, as well as allow those same clients to ask questions and have them posted on a forum. This additional interaction can help to smooth client relations and make those interactions more fluid.

However, some people have claimed that these social media sites are pedantic and serve little to no function for a business. This not true as we have just discussed the benefits of having a strong online presence. In the financial industry, some have also said that despite the aforementioned benefits, complying with regulation and staying on top all of these websites and outlets can be somewhat of a hassle. These points are both valid as compliance can be tedious, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Having a strong financial social media campaign goes hand in hand with a strong public relations campaign. At Makovsky Company, we understand all of this and by partnering with us, our financial social media team will work with you to iron out any of the wrinkles and get your social media operation into high gear. This will include coming up with overall strategy, setting up accounts on the major sites and integrating information and content. In addition, it will help you to promote services and cover your backside when disasters occur. This damage control can especially effective as it is instantaneous and can allow you to get your message out quickly before it s warped and twisted by the traditional media outlets.

Makovsky Company has been in public relations for 30 years and has handled many financial social media campaigns. In addition, we have seen it evolve and will continue to put our clients at the forefront of social media marketing. The bottom line her is, if you are a financial firm, you cannot afford not to use social media, and if you want some of the best financial social media minds available on your team give Makovsky Company a call, or an email.

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