All companies, including the financial services industry have something to gain from social media. Chances are you have some kind of online presence, but that does not mean that you have exhausted it as a resource. Use of the web has surged in the last two decades. More and more people are turning to it for communication needs and research. The latest web trend, social media is no different and as such has made quite a splash. The range of social networking and media sites available runs the gambit from YouTube and Flickr, to Facebook and linked in. But what use are these to someone in the financial services industry?

The short answer is that they are crucial. Financial services social media offers a unique place to interact with customers, creating an online presence and allowing for a dialogue between the company and the customer. In the financial sector, social media provides a way to increase your visibility and improve customer loyalty.

In addition to this, financial services social media can provide a way for you to reach your customers with special bulletins and blogs. It will also allow those customers to ask questions and have them posted on a forum so that people with similar questions can have them asked. It also lets you know what things you need to be more clear about. These small things can make client interaction much less troublesome and improve the quality of those interactions.

There are however, legitimate arguments against using social media. Some say that it detracts from the seriousness of the firm relegating it to the somewhat fickle word of social communication. Some also level the charge that despite any benefits, regulation compliance and the hassles involved in maintaining these online outlets make it not worth the effort.

Regarding the first claim against financial services social media promotion, I would say that all businesses have pursued the social networks and used online media as part of their general marketing strategy. It will not make you seem dumb or less serious if you use it in the appropriate manner, so there is no need to worry on account of that. Regarding the second, regulations are very restrictive, but if you have team or go to people who know what you can and cannot publish, it is not hard to avoid violating them. In fact, the same regulations apply for traditional media sources so chances are you are already bound by them. As for the hassle of financial social media campaign, it is not so bad, especially given the potential return on investment.

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