When marketing to your target clients using marketing tools such as booklet printing or cheap booklet printing, or even with hang tags, you need to learn about the conclusions made by two Harvard professors so you can apply it to your own promotional strategies.According to these two Harvard professors, the two marketing principles can have a profound impact on the manner by which you communicate your message to your target audience. Both laws provide major impact that will help you be successful in attracting back your current clients, as well as the referrals made by your customers and other colleagues in your particular industry.The two principles can help you provide a more profound effect in your communications with your present clients and prospective customers. By considering these two marketing principles, you can and will be able to grow you business to the goal you want to achieve for your business.Both principles are founded on the idea that people in general are motivated primarily from the recommendations received by the target clients. This means that for people to actually buy from you, you have to provide your target clients with a good recommendation that they would favorably accept.That’s why according to one of the principles revealed by the proponents of the research, it is very likely that consumers and people in general are more likely to follow instructions when the person giving it is perceived as a person with authority. They say that if you convey your message through an authority figure, you will most likely get the response you want from your target clients.It is very simple to understand – in order for you to generate new leads as well as retain the old ones; you have to have the perception of authority so you can influence your target clients’ decisions. The same is also true if you want the respect of your target clients to be encouraged by you. If you want to be recognized and remembered don the hat of the authority and you will certainly get the leads you need to grow your business.On the other hand, the other principle points out that people will naturally choose the best option when there are choices to choose from. The belief stems on the fact that people would generally go for the business which is perceived to have the best in the market because it is equal to the hard earned dollars they paid for it. In short, the best quality for the discerning clients who only wants the best in everything. By creating that perception of being the best in your industry, you are making it possible for you, your products and services, to be chosen that easily by your target clients.And in both principles, what you have to remember is the perception that you are the best and that you are the expert when it comes to the type of brand you are offering your target clients. If you consider these two principles every time you create your marketing tools, your marketing campaigns can have the greater impact to your target clients; better than the way your competition markets his or her business.Being the best choice and perceived as the expert in your field, you will be most likely regarded as the one to look up to in your industry. You have been chosen to influence your target clients by what they see, hear, smell and feel from your offer. So make sure that you communicate with conviction and credibility.

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