The biggest challenge for any business is how to convince potential clients or customers that they are getting value for their money. Parting with one’s hard earned dollars is a value judgment that can be conditioned by the right strategy. How to convince a prospective customer that what they are buying is the best in the market or what they are getting is only the best is the single biggest challenge for any business marketing strategy. In every business process there is what is referred to as ‘Moment of Truths.’ These are situations when clients or customers offer judgment over a business process. If you are able to manage customer expectations properly during these ‘moments,’ it will provide an excellent opportunity to ensure that the business gets its sale. Consider these ‘Moments of Truth’ in any Business Process: Available Parking Space. This is the first moment of truth for every customer. Remember the time when you just drove away after going around the parking lot more than ten times? If you do, then you have just been in one moment of truth. Are there enough parking space or would I waste time going around the parking area looking for an available slot? Most of the time, if your customer could not get an available parking space, they drive away no matter how good your products or services are. Amidst space and resource limitations, find ways to ensure that this moment of truth is not ignored. Courteous Service. This is very critical. Your guests come in to a shop because they need something. Do not ruin this experience by discourteous and unresponsive staff. Let this moment be your customers' moment. Let them enjoy the moment by making them feel very important. From the moment they first set foot, say in a catalog printing company, your customers should already feel that the made the right decision. Always remember that the moment a person enters your shop, you have done accomplished 50% of your objective, the other 50% is to convince them to buy the product or service. Variety of Service or Products. Your menu, if you like, should offer variety. The experience should be complete. Anticipate what your customers would look for and be sure that you have something to offer. Again, if a customer wants custom catalog printing, you must be able to provide options on size, color, paper texture, etc. It has to be complete and more importantly, available. Quality of Service or Product. The most important of all ‘moments of truth’ is the quality of the service or product. There should be no question about it. All the other moments of truth will fail if the quality of service or product does not meet your customers' expectations. Promptness of Service. Another ‘moment of truth’ is how efficient your services are. Most guests have limited patience when it comes to waiting for their orders. While you may have them committed already, chances are they would not be coming back to your business if there are significant delays. These moments of truths define whether you can cash in on your customers’ presence. Sit with your team and identify more moments of truths. The more you identify, the better. Leave no stones unturned and be thorough – from your parking space to your service, to the cleanliness of your shops. Do not think that these things are trivial, because they are definitely not. To a customer, all these things matter. After identifying them, find ways to make that moment of truth an unforgettable moment. For more information, you can visit this page on catalog printing and custom catalog printing