Let’s face it. Too many catalog printing materials are boring. No matter that there is a nice letter at the very beginning of the print catalog, it doesn’t help much to encourage consumers to go for the offer in the cheap catalog printing.

What are we getting at here? It doesn’t matter if you have a mind-blowing concept or lightbulb moment that would make you a name in the marketing industry; what matters most is how your target clients react and take action on what you are offering in your catalog printing.

Too many catalogs don’t have any effect because the pages are too cold for the target clients’ tastes. You see, catalog readers usually browse the print material not on the first page. The majority of catalog readers read somewhere other than the first page.

What does this mean to your marketing strategy? It just proves that you need not only be personal and warm on the first pages where you have your “Letter from the manufacturer” or the page where you tell something about yourself and your benefits. You have to be friendly all throughout the rest of your pages. It’s not only in the first page that you have to prove your worth to your target reads. You have to do it in every page – from the first to the last.

The first step to designing an effective catalog printing is to be friendly. No matter that your offer is the miracle drug of all drugs, you won’t be entertained by your prospective clients if they find reading even you cheap catalog printing cold and distant. The ideal catalog is really something that sets a friendly and helpful tone that is carried over the whole of the catalog, not just one part.

Don’t be content with having your letter at the first page and then ignore them the rest of the pages. Being friendly should not stop after the letter or introduction. The warmth and interest should be seen and felt throughout the whole catalog. Guide your target readers. Point out the important and memorable things about you and your company. Don’t limit your catalog to just the description of your products and services. Use your catalog copy to lead them and help your target readers to come up with the decision to finally go for your offer and buy an item.

So don’t clutter your catalog with boring stuff. Make yourself entertaining that your target readers would be happy to have their quality time with you and not with one of your competitors.

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