Volunteer in India and help India to grow and come out of poverty, unemployment and other problems. You as an individual can contribute a lot and bring a change in this country. India needs help and development. More than 40% of people are living below the poverty line in India and they need to come out of this to live a better life.

There is a lack of education and so children are forced to work as laborers and their childhood is exposed to problems and poverty which takes away all opportunities from them to develop into good and responsible citizen of India. The unemployment rates are increasing due to lack of knowledge in self employment techniques. Even the adults in this country need to be educated. People who could not read or write are generally exploited in the society. It is very important to help them and make them aware of their rights.

Being a volunteer in India not only gives you satisfaction but would also expose you to get more such opportunities and reach to new heights. When you visit India and know people, you also come to know about the rich culture and Indian virtues which hold a great place in the world. The programs for volunteering in India are ranging from a few months to weeks. The people from different countries travel India through various programs and through NGOs which are helping them to visit India and be a part of this rich culture and involve them in development of people.

The volunteers will be provided food and accommodated easily in India and they can start their work by exploring Indian rural areas which need development. The volunteers will be coming here and can do different activities. They visit the streets and colonies and teach students. The education imparted to kids is completely free of cost. The books and other instruments which are necessary for teaching are all supplied through the organization. They also teach adults who are interested in exploring new opportunities and help them to live a better life.

Not only this, the volunteers also help in hygienic upliftment of country and rural areas where in they are spreading awareness in people for keeping their surroundings clean. Cleaning programs and saving environment are some of the programs which are helping India to move from developing country to a developed one. Volunteers give their time and love to people over here. They connect personally with people and get attached to them. You can save woman against the humiliation and physical abuse faced by them every day. Make a difference in their lives and help them to live a better life and in good surroundings. As a volunteer in India, you will love the experience in India and get satisfaction by improving the society.

Education NGO India - If you give someone food, it will only last a day. If you give someone alms, it may last a month. But if you give someone education, it will last a lifetime. Volunteer Agency - You want to be a part of creating smiles among the less privileged, for many to have a new better future; you can do it just by utilizing some of your spare time for them through TKF.