The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is nothing less than Paradise on Earth, and Barecat BVI charters can help you experience the intimate resorts, inns, and villas the BVI have to offer. Sail into the Virgin Gorda “Baths”, a gorgeous natural attraction run by the BVI National Parks trust. “The Baths” are the most well known feature on the island. Unique due to the giant boulders or ‘batholiths’ brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions and then strewn across the island, many beautiful grottos and tranquil pools have formed. If you decide to snorkel with sea turtles in the coral ledges and caves, explore hidden sunlight “rooms” and little out of the way grottos, or swim or sunbathe on the white sandy beaches, you’ll enjoy everything the Virgin Gorda offers.

If your BVI Charter vacation brings you to the Virgin Gorda Baths, you’ll experience beautiful flowers, hot weather, amazing views, and great places to dine. Take the time to explore and experience what the area has to offer. Your BVI sailing experience should at least be an overnight trip—be sure to bring an underwater camera and some sun lotion!

If you are looking for a BVI charter vacation then consider a Bareboat charter as you then have the option to plot your own course. You’ll be able to stay as long as you like to explore the most popular local attractions. Reserve your affordable catamaran early because they are always popular and usually in high demand this season. Enjoy the Virgin Gorda Baths and many other gorgeous attractions and fantastic experiences a BVI sailing trip can provide!