Dismiss the assessment of colleges based on the rank list released byAnna Universityas "a meaningless and senseless method (of rating institutions)", IIT-Kanpur board chairman M Anandakrishnan said he found it "shocking to see learning being taken so casually."

Visit to know more about Top Engineering Colleges speaking at the launch of lesson modules that deliver engineering education content in 3D here on Friday, he said, "If 600 people appear for an exam and 6 of them get ranks, does that make the institution great? It is sadden to find that colleges are rated this way. This is not done anyplace in the world. Rather than rating institutions on aspects like infrastructure and pass percentage, rating them on ranks does not make intellect because we do not know how these students have got the ranks. It could just be because of the anticipated question, expected answer' method." TheOffice of the Controller of Examinationsat Anna University released its April/May 2010 rank list lately which had details of the top-scoring student from each discipline, his/her marks and the college they were from. At the time, university authorities had said it was up to the public to infer the force of colleges in specific subjects from the rank list. Pointing out that it was important for students to be clear on the fundamentals of their lessons; the academic hoped the latest digital lesson modules would help in that regard. Developed by former professor S M Nabi, the module are intended to assist teachers with simply navigable text and 3D demonstration of concepts. AnnaUniversity vice-chancellor Mannar Jawahar said the institution would purchase it as it would profit students. "This will also be useful for colleges in rural areas. I hope similar modules will be devised forComputer Scienceand Electrical Engineering branches as well," he said.