SURYANAMASKARA is an ancient indian form of physical exercise.It is very simple,easy and one-in-all complete bodey exercise suitable for all age groups without Gender restriction.It make all organs of the bodey flexible and strong.It keeps constipation far away from the body.The SURYANAMASKARAS make Uterus of ladies strong and eradicate the wastage of blood during the monthly course of ladies .The Waist and hips become beautiful and buitiful body shape can be maintained.The exercise has 12 (twelve) forms which are called as' Kriyas' and by simply doing these 'Kriyas' daily three to four times make a person strong,healthy and buitiful.

The twelve (12) forms or Kriyas of the SURYANAMASKARA are explained step by step here under for the guidance of persons who want to practise this unique and simple physical exercise and make their body protected from odds of aging.

Kriya 1:Stand and keep your knees,toes and heels together.Keep the Waist,neck,spine and head erect.Bend both your arms at at the elbow,bring both palms in the manner of doing salutation (namaskara).

Kriya 2:Inhale and raise both your hands upwards.Retain your breath and bend backward from the waist.Stretch the entire body backward as much as possible by keeping your legs erect.

Kriya 3:Exhale and bend forward.Put your palms slowly on the ground by the side of your feet.Keep all your fingers and toes straight.The legs should also be kept staight.Touch your knees with your head by keeping your legs straight.

Kriya 4:Keep both palms on the ground as is done in third kriya.Inhale.Stretch the left leg backward as much as possible.Sit on the bent right leg.Push the chest forward.Bend the neck backward and look towards the sky.

Kriya 5:Straighten both your arms and put the palms firmly on the ground.Exhale and stretch the right leg backward.Keep both legs parallel to each other.Both the palms,heels,knees should be kept together.The weight of the whole body should be on the toes and palms and stretch the entire body.

Kriya 6:Keep your hands and palms on the ground.After breathing put your head,chest and knees on the ground by bending arms at the elbows.Come to the posture like 'Astanga Pranama' (Eight orgon Salutation).In Astanga Pranama all eight limbs should touch the ground.These are 2 palms,2 knees,2 heels,chest and head.

Kriya 7:Continue to keep the palms firmly on the ground.Inhale and straighten your arms.Lift the Body upto the Navel region.Push the chest forward.Take the neck backward look towards the sky.Stretch the legs backward.Let the heels face the sky.

Kriya 8:Keep the palms firm on the ground.Inhale and lift your buttocks.Keep the head in between your arms.Place the heels and toes on the ground.Stretch the waist backward.Keep both legs straight together from the toes to the waist..Exhale and pull the stomach.

Kriya 9:Keep the palms firmly on the ground.Inhale and bring the left leg forward bending at the knee.Come to the postion like Kriya-4 except the in the Kriya-9 Postion of the left leg take the position of right leg and position of right leg take the position of left leg.

Kriya 10:Come to the position of Kriya-3

Kriya 11:Come to the position of Kriya-2

Kriya 12:Exhale fully.Stand straight.Keep your hands and palms folded near the chest like doing Salutation (Namaskara)

All the above Kriyas if practised daily will give you perfect health.If possible do SURYANAMASKARAS in the open air at early morning while Sun is raising to get more good results.